Looking For A Knowledgeable DUI Attorney?

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The statutes that define DUI law in Kentucky are lengthy, and being convicted can dramatically change your future. Instead of trying to settle your case yourself or depending on an unreliable lawyer, you should team up with the DUI attorney at Bates Law Office Kentucky. We go above and beyond to help clients dealing with DUI charges in Elizabethtown, KY and surrounding areas.

The comprehensive legal services you need

Having a good attorney who's dedicated to your case is invaluable. You need an experienced DUI attorney to:

  • Negotiate your case
  • File the proper motions
  • Make strong arguments to the prosecutor
  • Attempt to reduce penalties

You can count on us to fight for your best interests from the beginning to the end of your case. Discuss your DUI charges with a helpful lawyer now by calling 270-982-4713.